Brake Center

Reliable brakes might be your vehicle's most important safety feature.

Quick Lane at All American Ford in Old Bridge's service experts offer efficient repairs and professional installations. Their know-how and experience help you get the most from every bit of your braking system. 

How often you need new brake pads depends on your driving habits and where you drive. However, brake pads typically require replacement every 20,000 to 40,000 miles.

Before you go on a long drive or on vacation, stop in for a complimentary brake inspection. Our technicians will look for leaks, pad wear, and a worn or scratched brake disc.

Among the services offered by Quick Lane at All American Ford in Old Bridge:

  • Disc brake inspection & replacement
  • Rotor inspection & replacement
  • Brake light inspection & replacement
  • Brake caliper inspection & replacement
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake line replacement
  • Drum brake inspection & replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement


ABCs of ABS: Things Drivers Should Know

ABCs of ABS: Things Drivers Should Know

Ask a driver how their ABS is and chances are you’ll get a blank stare.

Anti-lock brake systems are credited as one of the most advanced safety technologies in modern vehicles yet they are an enigma to many.

How do you know if your ABS is functioning properly? It’s part performance and part education.

Steering vibration may signal brake problems

Steering vibration may signal brake problems

You’re driving down the block and a bike rider appears from a side street. As your vehicle slows down, you notice an unsettling vibration in the steering wheel. Lately, you’ve also noticed the vibration anytime you use the brakes.

Your first instinct tells you something has gone wrong with the tires, but a new set was installed a couple months ago.